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“This is really rather comical. I absolutely LOVE this photography. I feel like an addict! Nobody gets out of here without a few shots! The camera has already paid for itself, and it will many times over. Nothing has changed the way I practice like this. I have always had a vision of what I wanted my practice to be like, and without this tool I believe it would be much harder if not impossible. It is fun to build my library of example photos. I still need a lot of practice but it is coming.............”

Julie Babcock, DDS

Kansas City, KS

“Dr. Krieger’s long time passion for photography shows through when teaching the art and technical aspects of clinical photography...most importantly, I left with the ability to use the information on Monday morning.”

Drew Fairweather, DMD

Bridgewater, NJ

“Glenn, Thanks! Before your course, I thought I had it all under control and my camera was working well for me. Boy did I learn a lot. I was able to take 11 pictures on each of the three new patients Monday without extra time. I made a PowerPoint presentation for each in about 10 minutes. Your system is simple, smooth, consistent, and efficient.The results are fabulous with just a little practice. The manual is a great reference and very complete.”

Dr. Fred Ebsworth

Lake Forest Park, Wa

“Glenn presents a clear and concise program on the utilization of clinical photography in the dental office.The concensus of our club membership was that his lecture and handouts followed by the clinical hands on session brought us all to a new level in our photographic skills.”

Frederick J. Marra DMD, MAGD

Albany, NY

“This course was roundly perceived as one of the best we have had. I strongly recommend any dentist or study club struggling with treatment planning sessions or clinical case presentation spend time at Dr. Krieger’s course in Seattle.”

Rob Naples

Director, Lone Star Dental Seminars

Round Rock, Texas